11tyThe possum is Eleventy’s mascot

Eleventy is a simpler static site generator.

Quick Start #

npm install -g @11ty/eleventy
echo '# Page header' > README.md

This will compile any files matching valid template file extensions in the current directory into the output folder (defaults to _site).

Writing _site/README/index.html from ./README.md
Wrote 1 file in 0.10 seconds

Run eleventy --serve to start up a hot-reloading web server. Then open http://localhost:8080/README/ in your web browser of choice to see your Eleventy output.

➡ Keep going! Read a longer Getting Started guide or check out the full Documentation for v0.10.0.

Eleventy is supported by… #

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Latest News #

How do I get an Eleventy Sticker? (2020 February 05)

Documentation for Eleventy v0.10.0Todd and Bruce said this button should be bigger and as you can see they were right

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Don’t take my word for it #

Listen to what these happy developers are saying about Eleventy:

“Eleventy is my fave.” Tatiana Mac’s Twitter PhotoTatiana Mac

“Eleventy is a killer static site generator. That’s all.” Sara Soueidan’s Twitter PhotoSara Soueidan

“Just the kind of simple / common sense tool I love. The data/folder hierarchy mechanism is super obvious and elegant.” Heydon Pickering’s Twitter PhotoHeydon Pickering

“I looked into and actively tried using various static site generators for this project. Eleventy was the only one I could find that gave me the fine-grained control I needed at blazingly fast build times.” Mathias Bynens’s Twitter PhotoMathias Bynens

“Eleventy + Netlify have become my new workflow for static sites. I think I'm in love.” Mina Markham’s Twitter PhotoMina Markham

“Think the reason everyone is loving [Eleventy] so much (myself included) is that it doesn't come with a prescription about data sources or template rendering.” Brian Leroux’s Twitter PhotoBrian Leroux

“Eleventy is absolutely wonderful. It’s by far the nicest static site generator I’ve used in what feels like forever.” Addy Osmani’s Twitter PhotoAddy Osmani

Read the replies to: “Fans of Eleventy.... why do you like it better than other static site generators?”

“Seriously can't remember enjoying using a Static Site Generator this much. Yes Hugo is rapid, but this is all so logical. It feels like it was designed by someone who has been through lots of pain and success using other SSGs.” Phil Hawksworth’s Twitter PhotoPhil Hawksworth

“Eleventy and web components go really, really well together.” Justin Fagnani’s Twitter PhotoJustin Fagnani

“Don’t tell Zach I said it but Eleventy is seeming fresh as hell so far” Mat Marquis’s Twitter PhotoMat Marquis

“Jekyll is dead to me” Andy Bell’s Twitter PhotoAndy Bell

“I actually used Eleventy for the first time this week. Loved it.” Paul Lewis’s Twitter PhotoPaul Lewis

“I heard Eleventy was good” Lach Zeatherman’s Twitter PhotoLach Zeatherman

“Eleventy is almost fascinatingly simple.” Chris Coyier’s Twitter PhotoChris Coyier

And more:  micahmills’s twitter avatareduardoboucas’s twitter avatarphilhawksworth’s twitter avatarhybrid_alex’s twitter avatarjameswillweb’s twitter avatarcodypeterson’s twitter avatarnice2meatu’s twitter avatarWebInspectInc’s twitter avatarsplitinfinities’s twitter avatarhj_chen’s twitter avatarmatthewcp’s twitter avatarreubenlillie’s twitter avatar