Stupid Security

I get some medications from Humana mail order pharmacy. The prices are great for most of my meds. I got this text message a few days ago and almost did not click on the link. I did, but you can shame me later for breaking a major computer security rule about not clicking on links from unknown sources. It turns out this was a valid sender, Humana Pharmacy. By looking at the text message could you figure that out?

Me & my guilty pleasure

I have a new guilty pleasure in life. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I am 51 and just now got started enjoying video games. I have to admit this game is fun to me. Not to sound sick, but after a long day, I find it relaxing to kill people. Don’t worry there is no need to call the police. I can control myself :-) Keep my Algolia index from being deleted.

President Stupid

Trump really is stupid. #BREAKING: President Trump says federal government may "take over cities" to combat rising crime: "Numbers are going to be coming down even if we have to go and take over cities." — The Hill (@thehill) July 13, 2020 UPDATE: I’ve never been so happy to vote someone out of office.

An Algolia Test Post

Do you sometimes find yourself typing commit messages in a hurry, immediately pushing to GitHub and only noticing too late that you’ve made a bunch of typos? It’s happened to me often enough that I decided my commit messages need a spellchecker. The good news is, git has your back here. A commit-msg hook makes this really easy. Hooks are simply shell scripts with a name git recognizes and placed in a directory where git is looking for hooks.