Instagram Embed Test

A simple instagram test post. The worlds(as seen by me) biggest French fry. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paul Applegate (@mrapplegate) on Apr 23, 2018 at 8:58pm PDT

President Stupid

Trump really is stupid. #BREAKING: President Trump says federal government may "take over cities" to combat rising crime: "Numbers are going to be coming down even if we have to go and take over cities." — The Hill (@thehill) July 13, 2020

An Algolia Test Post

Do you sometimes find yourself typing commit messages in a hurry, immediately pushing to GitHub and only noticing too late that you’ve made a bunch of typos? It’s happened to me often enough that I decided my commit messages need a spellchecker. The good news is, git has your back here. A commit-msg hook makes this really easy. Hooks are simply shell scripts with a name git recognizes and placed in a directory where git is looking for hooks.

People Suck

So apparently some coward left a noose hanging in the garage of the only black NASCAR driver. What kind of coward does this? Here is Bubba’s statement via Twitter. — Bubba Wallace (@BubbaWallace) June 22, 2020 Update It turned out the FBI determined the noose was hanging there since October of 2019, and there was no way for someone to know Bubba would get that garage. Seems like the track & NASCAR were pretty stupid.

Responsive images with Cloudinary

Here is what I implemented here. It will be an almost cut and paste from the Cloudinary blog. Possible Full-Width Image Dimensions by Screen Sizes Large/X-Large commercial screens: 2000+ pixels Websites: 760 - 1200 pixels Mobile Phones: < 760 pixels Let’s assume you have a mobile-first strategy for building responsive apps. You may decide to use 760px images throughout, without considering larger screens. If these images are meant to take the full width of the devices on which they are rendered, then your content will look distorted and unprofessional on websites or commercial screens.

PGP is complex

I used to use PGP a lot. PGP has always had its problems. One of which is being over complicated. In 2017 Adobe published its private key on a public blog. This blog post covers all the bad in PGP A Google employee has made a more secure encryption system called Age,read the specs yourself here. Although Age is not even a beta product, it’s still in the alpha stage so stay away and don’t encrypt anything you aren’t ready to see destroyed.